Mechanical Engineering Experimental Center

Established in August 2006, Mechanical Engineering Experiment Center is an important practice base of Guangzhou College. It has been honorably titled as one of experimental teaching demonstration center construction units in Guangdong Province since December, 2012 after application approved. Located in B8 on the first floor, the third floor, and B3 on the fourth floor, it covers with a total area of 5121.3 square meters at present, equipped with the existing 1282 sets of experiment facilities, with fixed assets valuing 11.64 million Yuan. The Center sets up 18 laboratories with a batch of advanced laboratory equipments such as three coordinate measuring machine, 3D printers, electronic universal material testing machine, manufacturing center, and Leica metallographic microscope. This Center is bound with a team of teachers and experimental technical personnel, who own moderate high degrees and professional titles and age reasonably. It offers basic experiments and mechanical comprehensive experiments to students majoring in Mechanical, Automobiles, Telecommunications, Electricity, as well as industrial automation technology intensive training, mold design intensive training to students majoring in Mechanical.